Use Paint and Finish to Maximize Natural Lighting

The right color and finish choices can make a room brighter and happier by maximizing natural light. Surprisingly these interior design elements that evoke emotion are not always (or even mostly!) found on walls. The color of your walls is an important part of light maximization. These tips for maximizing natural light in your home are not limited to the four walls of a room. It's up to you to decide which order is most important. If you follow these suggestions, they will all be helpful. We don't care if you do your interior-brightening up or down, outside or inside, we hope you find this list inspiring to bring a little more light to your life.

White is the best color to reflect light, so if you don't want your space too stark, stick with the classics. You can also choose from off-white, pale brown or light gray colors.

The paint finish you choose can have a significant impact on how light is reflected and played with. Although we're not trying to make your walls mirror-like, the principle behind shining stuff reflecting light is still valid. High gloss finishes are best left to furniture. You can finish the natural light-enhancing job by going one level higher than your current glossiness. If you've always loved eggshell, opt for semi-gloss.

Two things make light-friendly flooring: reflective and light in color. We don't know of any 2020 Christmas trends that include tinsel carpet, so we don't have any information on "reflective" carpet. If you prefer carpet, choose neutral shades that match the wall and furniture colors. Stone, ceramic, and wooden floors with a polished finish reflect more light than wood floors. A few coats of stain or polyurethane can make stunning hardwood floors glow in natural light.

Recently, some painters have been more playful with their ceiling painting techniques. A white ceiling will reflect most light. However, a sky blue ceiling can create the illusion of bringing summer's sky inside. A ceiling that mimics nature brings in its own sunlight. You don't have to be afraid of going beyond traditional ceiling white if you aren't feeling brave enough. A coat of the classic will help reflect light from shiny walls to glossy floors and throughout your home.

Mirrored accessories, metallic glass, and mirrored glass can all help you maximize your home's natural lighting. But paint, stain and polyurethane are what really matter. BNS Paint is happy to help you with your next paint project. We are  leading experts in painting fine homes, businesses, and we offer a variety of services including commercial, interior, and pressure washing. Get a free consultation on our website!